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What We Offer

As a premier retail and weddings + event floral studio, we specialize in crafting timeless experiences through the language of flowers. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our full-service weddings and events, where every petal is meticulously chosen to weave a tapestry of beauty. Beyond grand celebrations, we extend our floral expertise to daily deliveries, ensuring that everyday moments are adorned with nature's vibrant touch. At Hosanna Floral, we embrace the spectrum of life's occasions, from the joyous celebrations of weddings and birthdays to the more poignant moments with our celebration of life florals. We cater to events of all sizes, bringing our artistry to intimate gatherings like bridal showers, baby showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, graduations, and more. Join us in celebrating life's kaleidoscope with the artistry and grace of flowers at Hosanna Floral.

Our brick & mortar location is 625 E. Main Street in Montrose, CO. This is not only our production hub where all of our floral designs come to life, we also sell a curated assortment of gifts & plants to pair with your flower order. 

Our Services

The Flower Shoppe offers a full service wedding accommodation, which includes the design, delivery, and installment of the wedding order. If you are simply in need of personal flowers (bouquets, corsages, etc), we are happy to design for pickup at our studio. Along with weddings, we do provide services for other events. Funerals, banquets, baby showers, rehearsal dinners, and more. Holiday services include full service event decorating, holiday wreaths and centerpieces, and Christmas tree decorating services. We would love to flower your event! Click Here to fill out our inquire form so we can get you taken care of!


The Owner

Seeking His beauty and finding it everywhere.

Hey Y'all, my name is Hannah! What started as a summer (dream) job throughout high school has quickly grown to be one of the sweetest enjoyments in life. The intricate design and beauty of flowers enchants me, and the work of arranging them is a complete delight. My desire is to abandon the contained and manufactured norm of floral design, and instead arrange them in new and fun ways that reflects the manner in which they appear in nature. I aim to present the flowers so they sing together as a whole, but dance independently as your eye makes it's way to each individual bloom. There is beauty all around, and it is my joy to present it in the form of floral design. 

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